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Choodle Time

Mailbox Surprises- Monster Bugs From A Rainy Week (PHOTOS)

My part of Arizona does not see many rainy days. Once a year, during the monsoon season, the critters emerge from the darkness, eager to take advantage of the cooling temperatures.

These monster bugs fly into my mailbox at dusk, and stay until they die. Here are some monster bugs photos from a recent rainy week in Phoenix.

DAY #1  Monster Bug

This guy showed up in our mailbox after a light rainy day. I threw the quarter into the mailbox for scale.
Surprises in the mailbox... DAY 1

Day #2 Three Monster Bugs

Another rainy day in Phoenix brought these three creepy crawlers to my mailbox. They fly in, I don’t understand why they can’t fly out.  Notice the scratch marks- they fight and scratch to get out of the mailbox. I’m not sure if they bite- I try not to get too close. The bite marks on pen are from me- I DO BITE. The pen was thrown in for scale of these beastly bugs. 

Surprises in the mailbox... DAY 2

Day #3 Too Many Monster Bugs

A dark and stormy day, scratching is heard from inside. My husband opens the door to see more monster bugs. This time, they brought friends. You could hear their scratching to escape the mailbox from my living room. Slithering and clickering was heard from the garden just behind the mailbox. Bigger bugs were falling from the trees. This is my nightmare… This is Day 3.
Surprises in the mailbox... DAY 3

The monster bugs are gone for now. That is, until the next rainy Phoenix day comes. And those don’t happen very often in the desert. Welcome to monsoon season.

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