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Choodle Time

What is Choodle Time? What is a Choodle?


What is Choodle Time?

Inspired by the quirky personality of a choodle named Cali, Choodle Time is an online editorial blog covering topics such as uncensored personal journeys, entertainment news, lifestyle, nostalgia, parenting, and current events.

Wait… What is a Choodle? 

When a girl chihuahua meets a boy poodle, a choodle happens! A choodle is simply a chihuhua and poodle mixed breed dog.  Choodles are scruffy little dogs with the spunkiness of a chihuahua and the cuddliness of a poodle. They are so adorable, they’ll make you puke. Choodles are excellent tricksters, and enjoy learning new behaviors like sit, shake, and speak. Be careful, your choodle will dash fast, and think later. It’s nothing against you.  The choodle enjoys freedom and will take every opportunity to run the streets. Eager to please, and hard to catch, the choodle will keep you on your toes.





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